domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Helado racista Mimo's en Plaza Vea

Ayer fui con unos amigos internacionales a realizar compras para nuestra parrillada dominguera al Plaza Vea de Molina Plaza. Mientras buscábamos los ingredientes necesarios, mi amiga alemana me dijo: "What the fuck! Ven a ver esto".

Interesante asociación de sabores con razas por parte de helados Mimo's.

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Smells like traveler spirit

(Disclaimer: As I promised some months ago, I'm writing in English to keep some decent level and not destroying my redaction more and more, so this is a good excercise).

I also promised not writing about travels but after going back home I just realized that it's impossible to stop thinking about it. The world became so small, only quite complicated for visa restrictions. Saturday was a day when you are physically in Lima, but then you just want to go back Aix-en-Provence for one night, to your official graduation party (c'est pas grave, you already enjoyed the last-year one). Your body is at home and your mind is 12 000 Km. away. 

Buildings, landscapes, bottles and faces appear again in your mind. Why it seems so hard to go back Europe or try with another region? Circunstances maybe, the adventurer spirit you already have it. You wake up, you take a breakfast in Paris, you go to a store in Marseille, then it's time to lunch in Frankfurt, take a nap in Rome, check a book in Prague, why not drinking a coffee in Amsterdam (not those 'coffee shops'), go dinner in Heidelberg and go bed in Vienna.

This addiction became imperative. These months in Peru I could travel to Lima highlands and Tarapoto, but I wish I could have moved more. Travelers appear, you listen their stories, you imagine places, you start wishing, you plan it, you replan it, you start working for it: Europe, Latin America, North America. Suddenly you get a long list to places to meet and a list of people to see there. Which one to choose? Just feel the flow (and your cashflow).

Why not staying at home? I knew about some travelers that 'escaped' their homelands because of different reasons. I would say that I made 2 trips for escaping my hometown in France, without counting the word 'job' as a main reason. I think it's hunger to discover, to live, not just to take pictures that I will save on my computer, but in my mind. I just read some reasons to live abroad and I definitely agree with them. In other hand, Lima looks so equal and different and the same time, then you realize that it was you who changed. I love Lima, but I can't stay in Lima for so long. Why not making your space bigger going to somewhere else? 

Arriving to a country where you're a strange is really exciting, metting local people, tasting their dishes, getting into the culture essentially. That's why I never try going hostels as priority. Meeting more non-locals gringos/latinos just for not feeling alone? (in opossite, I discovered that they make good parties, yay!). It's always better being received by a friend or meet some local person. It wouldn't be a 100% success but at least you tried. I think I followed this purpose living abroad, you can't be considered nice or cool by all locals but if you get more than 3 good friends (which is too much for my dear frenchies) you can say that you really lived there. Of course, international friends are important and maybe they can be part of your best memories living abroad, but living in 'embassies' was not part of my goals.

Where to go now? Where life takes me. I wanted France, I worked for it and I had it. It's all about what you want.

Soundtrack: Calle 13 - La Vuelta al Mundo